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Starting a new job

Congratulations on your new role! You did it - Well done!

We’ve put together some advice and guidance to point you in the right direction when starting a new job.

First of all, celebrate!!!!

Then, it’s time to get prepared, so here are some key things to do when you start your new role:

  • Complete all the necessary paper work
  • Research the company and the industry
  • Plan and practice your commute ensuring the timings work and turn up on time.
  • Dress to impress and plan your outfit – too smart is better than too casual at first!
  • Get any materials you may need - most companies provide stationery but it doesn't hurt to bring a pen and notepad to look prepared.
  • Email your boss prior to starting to ask them what they are expecting of you in the first week and is there anything they’d like you to bring or any preparation or research they’d like you to do.
  • Arrive fresh and have a nice relaxing few days before you start.
  • Have drinks and snacks and lunch organised so you are fuelled up.
  • Meet the team, make an effort with colleagues and memorise names.
  • Make a great first impression by smiling like you mean it, being friendly and professional and getting to know the team.
  • Take notes.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Be enthusiastic, positive and proactive.
  • Get to know the rules and the formal stuff around hours, work attire
  • Find out the unwritten rules around snack times, tea and coffee, social media/phone in work time – never assume.
  • Find out more about the business, the team, the culture.
  • Get to know what’s expected from your manager – set goals, objectives, milestones.
  • Find out how you will be measured and how often you are reviewed.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Try not to feel nervous because your new team are excited to meet you and get you settled into your new role.
  • Get ready to introduce yourself….a lot!
  • Enjoy yourself and remember that it’s all about learning at first and no one is going to expect you to know everything right from the start!

Anna Maher Recruitment will give you a full brief on the company, the culture and what to expect in your new role.

We are always here to help you feel confident and prepared for your new job.

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