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Temporary Recruitment

AMR have a temporary recruitment desk which is ideal for our candidates who are currently looking for work and available immediately.

There are all sorts of reasons why you may be available and looking for immediate work.

You may be:
• In-between jobs
• Need a stop gap until something permanent comes along
• Returning to the work place after a career break
• Looking for a career change and wanting to try new industries
• Wanting to gain professional experience after completing your studies
• Moved to the area

And there are so many benefits to temp work and we’ve seen some real success stories over the years.

Temporary work can:
• Be a great way to get you back into the workplace quickly
• Give you flexibility
• Keep your CV alive and up to date and avoid gaps
• Build on your professional networks
• Give you new referees for future employers
• Be an opportunity to learn new skills and keep your skills sharp
• Show that you are a quick learner who is flexible and adaptable
• Build up your confidence as you build on your career history
• Give you more examples in interviews of how you helicoptered in and solved a problem or filled a professional need for a company
• Help you to gain exposure to a variety of different industry sectors
• Be an opportunity to turn your temporary role into a permanent one
• Help you to get your foot in the door
• Give you the chance to change your career

When you are a temp, you are employed directly by us and entitled to statutory benefits such as holiday pay and workplace pension contributions. The rates of pay will depend upon the roles, level of expertise required and seniority of the position. As a temp, you are paid an hourly rate and paid weekly, all done electronically via our payroll app.

AMR will support you whilst you are working on a temporary assignment.

You never know what a temporary assignment might lead to!

And you must always make the time spent on a temporary assignment become part of your career journey!

Register now and contact us to talk through your temporary needs.

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