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Temporary Recruitment

Anna Maher has a temporary recruitment desk which is ideal for employers who are looking to fill a skills gap in the team on a short term basis. Hiring a temp can be a quick and simple solution when faced with a temporary lack of resources.

There are so many reasons why a business may need to bring a temporary worker on board.

You may have:
• A staff member who is away on annual leave or on maternity/paternity leave
• A busy period or a backlog of work
• A big project with a tight deadline
• A period of transition
• A certain task to do that requires a specific skill set

There are so many benefits to recruiting temporary workers and sometimes it’s a great way to talent spot.

Temps can enable you to:
• Maintain a smooth workflow when resources are thin
• Undertake short term projects that your current resources don’t have time to do
• Spend less time on the recruitment and induction processes
• Solve a backlog of work or a temporary shortage of skills
• Take the pressure off and have a team that is less stretched ensuring that you get the best results from everyone
• Reach a deadline that looks unachievable right now
• Bring some fresh energy to your workforce and boost the team
• Increase resources when you have no permanent headcount in your budget
• Use the ‘try before you buy’ hiring model and give your temps the opportunity to show how they fit into your current team – like an extended audition and a chance for them to demonstrate their skills
• Allow you to respond to market needs and demands as they happen
• Bring new skills, new perspectives and new approaches to current ways of working

We have access to a large pool of high calibre temporary workers who are looking for immediate work. There are so many reasons why people need temp work these days and the standard of temporary workers has increased hugely so why not capitalize on that. We have graduates who are wanting to gain professional experience, people in-between permanent positions and those who prefer flexible working or who are looking for a career change.

We can supply a range of roles within all industries primarily within professional services including data entry clerks, receptionists, administrators, sales executives, HR and recruitment experts, financial services staff and creative professionals.

Employed directly by Anna Maher Recruitment, we take away the lengthy recruitment process and ensure that all candidates are interviewed face to face to ensure they fit your business, completing all the employment hiring procedures including contracts, ID and reference checks, statutory entitlements and payroll. And we also keep ongoing contact with both you and the temp staff, managing attendance and performance and ensuring that the assignment is running smoothly.

We do bespoke recruitment campaigns for all our temporary assignments and you can be sure that you will feel the difference when dealing with this local family owned boutique agency. With our own personal touches you will always be taken care of by AMR and we are always determined to find you the exact candidate who will match your own unique staffing brief and company culture.

Contact us now to discuss all your temporary recruitment needs. 

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