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Working From Home - top tips!

18 March 2020

Anna Maher Recruitment know all about working from home as a small independent recruitment business so here are our top tips!

  • Set your alarm, wear nice clothes, have a coffee, etc
  • Choose a dedicated workspace avoiding the couch or bed
  • Find your ideal routine and stick to it
  • Draw up a plan and stay on schedule
  • Set yourself goals and targets
  • Mix it up a bit
  • Work when you’re at your most productive
  • Motivation will eb and flow
  • Set yourself the harder tasks when you’re in the best headspace
  • Allocate time for meaty projects when you are more focused 
  • Save the calls when you need a boost
  • Stay connected via technology
  • Talk to people, arrange Facetime meetings, do instant messaging
  • Remain visible to your team
  • Schedule breaks
  • Get some fresh air
  • Avoid getting sucked into social media
  • Enjoy a more relaxed commute
  • Have the best lunch and snacks
  • Schedule your work time around your laundry
  • Set the ground rules if others are at home
  • Maintain boundaries between work life and personal life
  • Pick a definitive finishing time each day
  • Take advantage of the perks!

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